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marylou andrews

MaryLou Shuff Andrews (BS—Bob Jones University, M. Ed—Clemson University, Ed. S—Georgia State University); retired art teacher after 44 years; new resident to Virginia since April 1017.

From my early years, I had a love for art and people.  The combination of these two gifts from God led me to major in art education during my college years.  I detoured from art however, and taught elementary education until 1993 when my principal asked me to fill the newly opened art position. Within a year felt I would explode if I did not begin creating my own art.  With my husband’s encouragement, I began a new love affair. We were fortunate to live in Houston where I was encouraged to become involved with the Watercolor Art Society—Houston (WASH), a vital, active organization. Along with weekly lessons with Eldon Faries and the accountability of my watercolor peers, monthly demonstrations at WASH, the workshops with Shirley Sterling, Judi Betts, Hilary Page, Mary Todd Beam, Gerald Brommer and others, I grew and gained confidence. My work has been accepted in local, state, international exhibitions and the National Watercolor Society.

The years of teaching were rewarding for me. I would often tell my students that I had the best career because I got to teach the two of the things that matter most to me: people and art. We retired to Virginia recently to be near our daughter, her husband and five grandchildren.  I am actively painting, desiring to continue my growth and to develop new connections with the community. Though I have primarily exhibited in watercolor, I enjoy oils, have painted acrylic murals, love pottery, and most anything that falls under the umbrella of art.  I desire to bring glory to the One who gave me the gift of art. He is my motivation for what I do.


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