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The Association meets in-person at the TowneBank meeting room, located at  137 Mount Pleasant Road, Chesapeake.  Our normal meetings are at Noon on the First Tuesday of every month.  

For our meeting schedule, click HERE 


Want to join us?  Dues are $30/year, and you'll need to fill out the web form for approval. OR attend a meeting to fill out that form.  To be able to participate in any of our art shows, you will need to be a member "in good standing", which includes participating in at least 2 recent meetings and dues paid up.    Ready to pay your dues?  You'll need to bring a check to our Treasurer.

SAA Treasurer

Need more information before joining?   That's OK, you are welcome to join us at any normal meeting.  You can also complete the web form and we'll start a discussion.  


For further information fill out the webform on this page

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