Joseph Armstrong 

I  Was born in Portsmouth, Va. Attended  Manor High School, now resides in Chesapeake, Va.
I have  been drawing and painting for many years; portraits,  wall murals, and some illustrations,  I love to draw and paint ever since I was a child,  I didn't have any former training except for in school where I took up art classes, I have work  with different types of media such as: pencils, color pencils, ink, pastels, oil paints and with acrylic paints,  my favorite is working with acrylic paints. I love painting and drawing basic military ships and aircraft, but I have done still life, landscape, cartoon characters, portraits and more. I love art because you can express yourself, its relaxing, and most of  all art is fun. I thank God that he gave me the ability to do these things and more.  

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