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mary anne waterfield

Mary Anne R. Waterfield 1.jpg

My first memory of art was drawing purple circles with crayon on the tan linoleum floor. Magic!  Now, mixed-media is my main method for creating artwork; using a variety of paints, pencils, and papers. The paper is either my own painted paper or is found in everyday life. Sometimes, I'll work only in acrylic, watercolor, or collage. Many layers create the final artwork.


      A Norfolk native, I attended Old Dominion University and received my BFA, with a Certification to Teach Art in Virginia. After teaching for 25 years, I retired, and spend much time in my Virginia Beach studio. I show my artwork regionally, in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and in Eastern North Carolina. I have placed in shows from Honorable Mentions to Best in Show.


    When I see someone look at my work, I'm happy. They saw something in the work that spoke to them. Artwork is made to be seen. It is a form of communication among all peoples.

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