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carole sullivan


While growing up being influenced by the creative talents of my mother, Virginia Holmes, I realized the same artistic slant is in my two brothers and me. She further influenced my creativity as I joined to help her at art shows and while she was President of the Chesapeake Art Guild back in the 1970s. 


In the 2000s, after my children were grown, I began drawing with colored pencils and it was as if a lightbulb turned on. I liked the blending of colors and seeing the effects on paper. I then picked up the paintbrush and tried my hand with oils and acrylics and oil pastels.


Born and raised right here in the Norfolk/Chesapeake area, I’ve always lived near the ocean shore. I find interest in a broken seashell, a bird on a branch or any number of the whimsical little things in life. Over the years, I have found that time spent contemplating nature in all its beauty and applying my renderings on a canvas is exciting, fulfilling and lends itself to a state of peacefulness.

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