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rick schiano

Rick is a Christian artist who first started painting way back in the 80’s as a way to relax and get peaceful. Art is truly one of his great passions.

"I like making things that bring peace to a person’s heart and blesses them. Art is beauty to behold.

I have painted in Oil’s, Acrylics, and Watercolors, mostly landscapes, lighthouses, and seascapes. Most recently I have done some abstract paintings.

I am an impressionist, landscape, and seascape artist based in Virginia Beach. I enjoy the ocean, lighthouses and beaches.

I have been doing artwork for over thirty years.


I would rather look at something that is peaceful and brings joy to my heart, than something that reminds me of what is going on in this crazy World. I feel like a home should be your sanctuary away from all the noise and confusion in the world. I am believing my artwork does this for you."


He enjoys painting the ocean, lighthouses, and beaches.
He also loves landscapes and abstract art.
Rick has been doing artwork for over thirty years.

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