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hannah chappelL


 I’m Hannah. I’m an artist!
Thanks for being here! (I think you’ve got great taste )
I paint custom pet portraits of your babies, not only the furry ones (scales, feathers and scales welcome!).
I hand draw (yes, pencil and pen) home portraits. No it doesn’t actually have to be a home lol I’m not afraid of an RV, a boat or a building.
My mermaids were one of my absolute favorites! Custom hair and tail colors were so fun.
My unique 3D art has been such a passion of mine. I am looking forward to sharing more of these pieces in the future!
Of course all of my art is one of a kind but I do love creating out of my own wild mind! Keep an eye out for one of a kind originals. I have been having such a fun time painting my gold leaf embellished sunset sea series and new landscape pieces.

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