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sally lee 

Sally Headshot 2.jpg

Sally Lee believes that surrounding yourself with beauty in all its forms is good for the soul. Her work encompasses scenes from nature, but also reflects the best of man-made aesthetics, particularly in the field of architecture. Married to a Navy man, she found the demands of supporting a military family left her with little time to create art while her children were young, but eventually she was able to indulge her desire to learn to paint. Her favorite medium is watercolor, with its proclivity for unexpected delights. A self-taught artist, she has benefitted from the wisdom of on-line instructors and authors of books. She has also enjoyed workshops given by Anne Abgott, Fred Graff, and Frank Webb, among others. She has been active in the Western Ohio Watercolor Society, and has had her work displayed in a variety of venues, including the Springfield Museum of Art in Ohio.

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